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Ace pick a part Accused me of stealing and went through my personal property without a warrant acting as a police officer and personal property I purchased and have receipts for Jacksonville Florida!!. I went to ace pick a part for the first time since I moved to Florida to look for a bench seat for my pickup.when I was at the gate I had to pay $3 show my ID and sign on this iPad after I read their rules and regulations and in their rules and regulations stated that you cannot bring Automotive Parts in. I then signed the paper or iPad stating I have read the rules and regulations I then brought my bag in that had different tools stereo wire my old speakers to my vehicle tape and other accessories I guess to call it that I just threw into that bag. I did ask many questions before I went in about their rules and what I needed to do and no where did it say I could not have my old speakers my AC tester hoses and cut wires in my bag. I then went in and walked around for several hours to find out that what I was looking for wasn’t even there. I did get good help from some of the workers there. But they also looked and could not find a bench seat so I left as I went to the gate to leave the gentleman asked me if I just needed to be let out I said yes and then I asked if I could leave my phone number and name and call me if they get a vehicle in with that bench seat in it. The gentleman told me he couldn’t because they don’t know when different vehicles come in and before I go please open my back so he could look in. I open my bag and he saw the speakers to my truck and asked if I brought those in. I stated yes I did and then another gentleman came outand came down and started digging in my bag and taking different items and removing them from my bag without my permission. I told him what are you doing and he told me that they sell those items there and I stole them. I told this younger gentleman that I did not steal those I brought those in and sorry if there was a mistake he told me he doesn’t care I told him I will contact the police then and he told me he will contact the police I stated to call them then. The gentleman did not call the police and stated again that they sell those items there I told him if he sells AC compression tester then please show it to me and I will give it to him. he could not show me a AC compression tester that they sell there. I then told this gentleman I would like my stuff back this is my personal property and he said no I told him again that this is my personal property and I would like it back and then he started grabbing again into my bag after I said you do not touch my bag. He told me that I read and signed their rules and regulations I stated I did read and sign their rules and regulations and it did not state in there nothing about bringing in speakers AC compression testers hoses and other miscellaneous tools screws zip ties stereo wire that was cut up and this gentleman stated again they sell it there and he grabbed the speakers and some of my wire and walked in the office with them I state it again to call the police department they did not call the police department and open the gate and told me to leave. So as I see it now this gentleman Mexican background just stole a hundred and something dollars worth of speakers, wiring and part of my AC compression tester and accuse me of stealing. he did not have the nerve to come out and speak to me like a gentleman instead he hid near the door and yelled and accused and he did not call the police as I asked him to. So as I see it now I will never return to that place because I left so my temper could come down and I could collect my thoughts. the situation was extremely heated and I was getting accused of stealing and this guy stole speakers wiring fittings to a compression tester and I guess if this gentleman with a Mexican background couldn’t afford it himself and had to take it from people I guess he needs it more than I do but if that’s how you run a business by stealing from people then you shouldn’t be in business.

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