ACH LEGAL charlotte North Carolina Review


THERE ARE TRULY SOME PAYDAY LOAN SCAMMERS OUT HERE! If you get a call from a company by the name ACH Legal/ ACH litigations beware that they are scamming you for money. This company calls themselves a legal or litigations office but they are not at all!! The owners name is Chris Allen and it is just a collections company. They say that they are going to take you to jail and send the sheriffs out to your home and job but they can’t do that at all. It is all just a form of scare tactics to get you to pay them. If this company calls you, your job or family members, the best thing to do is call the Attorney General’s office, file a complaint and get money from them. They are so scared when you file a complaint on them that they will settle out of court. They have over 5 different offices with different name located in Charlotte, NC. It is also against the law for them to even collect on payday loans in Charlotte, NC. They will never give you an address for their location and they always call private. They change their name very often so that people like me cant take them down.


Illegal Collection Agencies

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