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Explanation of complaint:I placed an order with this company on 06/06/2013. I received the items two or three days later. I opened the packaging to find three outfits, size 6, 10, and 12 that had no tags on them and appeared worn (there were fuzz balls and black marks on the shorts and missing sequins on the shorts). I called the company and a lady told me that they had not been worn, they don’t resell items that were worn previously, and that the items in fact had tags on them when they left the store! I had my children to try the outfits on and the size 10 shirt appeared a bit large. I thought if I laundered it it would potentially work, after laundering the top only, the tag on the garment revealed that it was actually a size 12 and not the size 10 that I had originally ordered. The company had written, with a black ink pen, a zero over the two! I immediately contacted the company again and told them this and they told me they would call the manufacturer and call me back within 24 hours. After four days I called the company again and the lady that answered told me that she had in fact called the manufacturer and they no longer had any tops. She also said that they did not write the zero over the two and had no idea who did that. She said she would check with the owner to see what could be done and I told her that I wanted a refund of my money and no longer wanted to do business with them. I told her that they misrepresented the product and I felt that they were quite dishonest. She said that they would not accept the top back because it had been laundered and I told her that the only way that I discovered that I had been duped was because the item had been laundered! She went on to say the owner was on vacation and she would pass the information along to her and she would call me. A week or so went by and on 06/27/13, I received an email from the owner of the business stating that she was sending me a postage paid envelope to return the items for a store credit. I immediately contacted my bank and filed a dispute. I let them know that I still had the items in my possession because the owner of the business stated they were going to send me an envelope to return the items. As of today, I still have not received the envelope. I have emailed them and I am sending the items back to them at my own expense via the US Postal Service. My bank has instructed me to send the items back and request a refund, which I have requested a refund via email, and then file another dispute with them. I do not want a store credit as I no longer want to do business with a company that misleads the public, lies to the public, and has no customer service skills. I do not trust that if I were to get a store credit that the next items I receive would be brand new. I want my money back. I do not trust them. I also have photographs of the items showing the worn nature of the shorts and the ink writing on the tag. I have also contacted the manufacturer of the garments. They have explained to me that they do not send garments to clothiers with no tags on them nor do they write sizes on the tags. They went further to state that if a garment has been mis-sized, they retag the item with their own manufacturer generated tags. The company also stated that if I need them to give a sworn statement of those facts they would be more than willing to do so.

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