Acorn Stairlifts, Inc. San Francisco California Review


Recently a surveyor came by to present the Acorn SuperGlide to my Aunt. He said he would guarantee us the lowest price possible. We agreed to purchase the stairlift for $4,600. My Aunt has been so happy with the product that she referred a friend to the company. A surveyor came out to visit our friend and offered the very same model we recently purchased for only $4,000. My Aunt’s friend told the surveyor that the price is much too high and has a quote from another company for only $3300. The next day, the company called my Aunt’s friend and offered a special price of $3,000 which would only be good for the day of offering. This stairlift is the exact same model that we recently purchased for $4,600. When we called Acorn to complain about being overcharged $1,600 we were told that the model sold to my Aunt’s friend was from an AARP convention and was a “demonstrator model.”” My Aunt’s friend told us Acorn told her it was a brand new model

not a used one. We believe after many phone calls to Acorn

that both parties are being lied to.” Orlando, Florida United States of America

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