Action Packaged Inc.


Action Packaged Inc. Incorrect Credit Issued. Hyde Park Massachusetts.!!. Ordered a microwave filter on July 9th, 2018. The filter was to be delivered on July 22,2018. Never received filter. Called Sears to help with non-receipt of order on Aug 4th,2018. Sears contacted Action Packaged. At this time Customer Service Rep stated it had not been shipped, I cancelled the order. I went into e mail Aug 9th,2018 stating shipoment will be rec’d Aug 22,2018. I called Sears on Aug 9,2018 after receiving e mail stating order was canceled on Aug 4th,2018. I rec’d goods , called Sears as Action Packaged Inc never returned my calls, was issued a e mail in regards to returning cancelled order. Ret’d goods by UPS. Action packaged Inc. rec’d goods on Aug 24,2018 signed by SMITH. I paid $37.95 for goods Rec’d credit of $32.98,losing money on cancelled order plus $$11.98 shipping return of a cancelled order.

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