Action Towing and Repair


Veteran i am speaking about tried to sell his property for a fair price instead got ripped off 9,000 for 3 acres of land and a truck for 10,000 that wasnt worth 2500 what a deal right thats not all he took posession same day throwing him out taking things not in ageement also dave and shawna forced this vet to forge a title to his sons car the vet stated by that time he was so tired from driving around for hours and scared that he may be jumed or left out somewhere to far to walk to get help in time to prove the story since dave has ripped him off before and they tried to settle differenses but vet stated dave will never change and if this wasnt enough when the vet said he would report dave again dave went and filed a false police report and a protection order had the vet arrested and now hes on probation facing fines jail time over his head and hes the real criminal !! and the car that was on the land was blown up sat for over two years under a tree had water damage dave sold it to some one for 4000 lied about what work was done to motor person contacted vets son and was very angy these people can not be trusted they are all drug addicts alcoholics and theives just go somewhere else cansel your lease get as far away from dave naff as you can!and remember the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

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