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Action Transmission Provo Deceptive and disreputable business practices Provo Utah!!. On July 7, 2014, I took my Chevy truck to Action Transmission to repair its transmission. They completed the work on July 16th. On August 19th I took the truck back for their required “Safety Check” which their technician disclosed that the transmission was working properly but there was a transmission fluid leak at the lower radiator connection. I parked the vehicle and installed a new radiator on August 26th. On August 27th I asked Action Transmission if they needed another “Safety Check” following the new radiator’s installation and was told to drive another 700 miles before coming in for it. On September 3rd I drove out of town a distance of 70 miles one way. Nearing my destination, the transmission began slipping and malfunctioning and failed. The vehicle was returned to Action Transmission on September 4th to be repaired under the terms and conditions of the 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. On September 10th, Action Transmission advised me that the wiring harness inside the transmission was burned along with the torque converter and that they would not repair the transmission under warranty because I did not have them install an external transmission fluid cooler on the initial rebuild. According to several mechanics, transmission shops and local Chevy dealership, it was not necesary to add the external cooler especially with a new radiator. Action Transmission’s General Manager, Joe Cook sent me an email stating that he would not repair the transmission under warranty nor would he refund my money since the external cooler had not been installed. Further, he wanted me to bring a tow truck to remove the vehicle from his property or else he would start charging me storage. Due to being blackmailed and coerced by Mr. Cook, I agreed to have the external cooler installed which it was on September 17th. On September 20th I drove the truck out of town again a distance of 70 miles. On the way back, it slipped again and even shifted down to second gear while coasting down a steep grade traveling at 60 mph. I returned the vehicle to Action Transmission on September 23rd. They attempted to repair the transmission a THIRD time. I picked up the vehicle September 26th after it was “repaired” and parked it until October 1st when I drove it to the gas station for yet another trip. The transmission slipped again. I advised Action Transmission and then took it to a mechanic who confirmed the slippage. On October 2nd, Action Transmission said they were stumped and wanted me to take the vehicle to a local Chevy dealership for diagnostics. They said they would pay for those diagnostics. On October 6th, I took the truck to Larry H. Miller Chevrolet who confirmed Action’s promise to pay for the testing. The dealership tested the transmission and made recommendations for repairs. Action performed the repairs but the dealership said it failed a FIFTH time. The dealership did further diagnostics and found that the external wiring harness that plugs into the transmission was burned due to the initial transmission’s failure. Action Transmission failed to locate that problem on the first rebuild. Their G.M. Joe Cook said his people are “trained” to find such issues. Obviously in this case, they did not look for it. Had they found it, the first, second, third, fourth and fifty transmission failures would never have happened. Nor would I have been required to spend an additional $214 for the external cooler. Nor would I have been stuck with a $433 diagnostic bill from the dealership. Action Transmission reniged on their agreement to pay for the diagnostic. Bottom line, STAY AWAY FROM ACTION TRANSMISSION!! OR RATHER IN-ACTION TRANSMISSION! They are deceptive, abusive to their customers, lie and resort to extortion and coercion.

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