Actum Processing LLC Review


These people are crooks and scumbags. They do not ever answer their phones at any time of the day. I called them on all of the numbers listed on their website for several days and left messages and no one aswered me, ever. It took me leaving a message threatening to take action and roast them on the web for the so-called big swinging bad a** president of the company, “Vinnie the Guido Jones” to call me back and basically tell me that he was going to keep my money and there was nothing that I could do about it, and try to strong arm me and tell me how things were going to go. LMAO. Yeah right bro… whatever you say. These people dont tell you that they charge you a fee of $250.00 just to look at your documents and do nothing else for you at all. What a rip off!!!! Absolute crooks. On top of that, they pay out $75.00 to the affiliate that brings them the deal before even considering making a decision on the file, without offering any services, nothing. And guess whos pocket that comes out of? You guessed it, the consumer. The kicker is that they do it via an ACH debit to your account which naturally you provide on any merchant account appication because its where you want them to deposit your funds… so the bank doesnt want to reverse the charges. Its not about the money anymore. Its about being misinformed, mislead, neglected and then having the audacity to try and bully me… AHHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely do not do business with these idiots, crooks and half a** theives.


Name: Actum Processing LLC

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Austin

Address: 7004 Bee Cave Rd #312

Phone: 512-402-0082


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