Adam Aleman – Valparaiso, Indiana Indiana


This dude is a certified POS. Not only did Adam Aleman try to sleep with my wife knowing she was married, he tried to talk her into gathering her “slut friends” so he could have a threesome. Never mind the fact he was doing this behind his girlfriends back who has been friends with my wife and I since childhood! He has treated his girl like absolute shit for years now, severely abusing her mentally and I believe a great possibility worse. We’ve all pleaded with her to stay away from him, but I believe he has destroyed her so much mentally that she doesn’t even realize her worth anymore… He has numerous drug charges and battery against women, just to name a few. He cheats on every woman he has ever been with so men, watch your women around this pos! He doesn’t care if they are married, have children/family, in relationships, nothing. He will try to manipulate any female that walks and talks. He even proclaims “the sluttier the better!” Women, stay away from this douche! He will lie, manipulate, cheat, abuse and use you, then leave you broken and battered without even blinking! This man is a shitty human being who deserves to rot in hell.

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