Adam Flores


Adam Flores Starbucks, edgewater, andersonville, bryn mawr, winthrop, 1070 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago. barista, unprofessional, discrimination, 60686, illinois refused service, brought personal life into work, unprofessional, rude, discriminatory Chicago Illinois!!. Adam Flores was the barista at the time I came in today with my boyfriend. I went to place my order but Adam refused to serve me because I was dating his ex, this has been a known grudge. My boyfriend had told me previously that Adam would not serve me, if I ever came into his work. I didn’t believe that was possible, as it’s very childish. I don’t like personal issues to effect my experiences within the places I do business. He doesn’t handle his temper well and is known to loose it outside of work. But I just thought maybe someone who works in a customer service job should really try to let personal issues be put aside, when their job is to serve their customers. He refused to back down so I had to get a manager involved just to get my order placed. It’s just ridiculous and unprofessional.

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