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This is one of those shopping cart ads that no one reads, and or ignores at a shoprite, the salesman just didnt want to leave my business so to get rid of him we signed and knew we would cancel in a few days which we did cosing us $395 but it was worth it to get rid of him,(the salesman) | later we found out we would only be on 20% of the carts so there was a chance no one would ever see an ad! this whole concept is a total waste of time and money. the saleman John Cowan was persistant to the point of we as i said signed to get him out of my store. | In the end we couldnt block the debits as they changed the name we had blocked they got all the money and they NEVER put our ad on the carts anyway. So we got Ripped OFF! there excuse was they couldnt find a replacement!, I believe it who wants to wast money on it anyway, once it sunk in neither did we! | ADCORP advertizing is a total waste of time do not waste your money.

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