ADR Services, Inc. Review


ADR is supposed to be a professional Arbitration company, but in reality, they are a big joke. Something that was supposed to over quickly and handled efficiently took years. Judge Williams, a retired Judge that is employed by ADR was the Arbitrator that both parties agreed on, big mistake. | To start with he prolonged the case for years while he continued to milk thousands of dollars from both parties. Judge Williams had all the evidence, briefs, expert testimonies, and facts needed to make his final ruling promptly. Instead, he decided to play games and have both parties submit additional briefs and rebuttals to the one anotherís briefs multiple times, and it was never-ending. | After reading other similar reviews, It is my personal belief that this was done purposely. Finally, both parties had enough, and we had the attorneys on both sides finally put their foot down to stop this overly repetitive back and forth game the Judge was playing. | The final order was vague and ambiguous and left both sides scratching their heads trying to figure out what he meant as not only was the language extremely vague but also contradicted itself several times via a lengthy final diatribe that made no sense to either party. Both sides attorneys asked him to please clarify his final ruling and his ego must have been hurt as he flat out refused to do so. | Neither sides attorneys have ever seen such rambling and incoherence in all their years of practice. This Judge was clearly out of his element and really needs to retire immediately. I believe he may be going senile. | It is my personal opinion that ADR and Judge Williams both lack professional conduct. ADR should not appoint Judge Williams to oversee any Arbitration, mediation, or any legal matter. Judge Williams had a duty to be professional when making a final ruling, and instead, he took advantage of both parties to make his wallet fatter. | He went out of his way to spread what was a very simple case out into four years of constant delays and redundant briefs, etc. He did not pay attention to the case and was sloppy and careless with his final ruling that left both sides extremely frustrated. The most disappointing part was that despite pleas from both parties to finish this up in a timely manner, he kept prolonging it. | He didnít care one iota about the parties interest in getting this resolved in any reasonable time frame. In my opinion he is a snake oil salesman drumming up excessive fees, dressed up like a judge. The way JUDGE WILLIAMS CONDUCTED HIMSELF WAS SHAMEFUL!!!!!!! AND IT WAS OBVIOUS, HE DIDNíT CARE BECAUSE WHEN ARBITRATORS GO BAD, THERE IS NOT MUCH THE CLIENTS CAN DUE LEGALLY. | THE SYSTEM DOESNíT PROVIDE ANY GOOD REMEDIES FOR THE CLIENT. THEY KNOW THE CLIENT HAS NO VIABLE RECOURSE AGAINST THEM PERSONALLY FOR THEIR MAL PRACTICE!


Name: ADR Services, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Address: 1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 200

Phone: (310) 201-0010


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