Adrienne deWolfe


Went to Nature’s Treasures in Austin, Texas. Got a BS Psychic Reading from a lady named Adrienne DeWolfe. She said it was $2.00 a minute. Thought it was a good price had twenty bucks on me so I thought that I would sit for 10 minutes. She did a tarot card spread and told me to to pick 3 cards from the deck I did. She didnt even refer to the cards, she just started talking about very general good for you information that everyone already knows anyway like make sure you excersise, drink lots of water. Meditate. Spend time in nature. In my head Im thinking “What the hell? Of course I already know all of that stuff. Then the timer goes off and she baits me with a follow up question. Would you like to know how to connect with your Spirits? “Sure” I said, Then she goes on on about that. Mean while the clock was ticking the whole time! I get out of there after 20 minutes so now its $40.00. which I dont have in Cash. So she charges me the Credit Card Price which is $3.00 a minute! So I ended up spending $60.00!!! UNBELIEVABLE

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