Advanced Audio Visual Sales, Inc. Complaint


A disgraceful company. You are quickly left with the impression that they are time-waster, fraudsters and thieves. They promise delivery in 1-3 days. We waited over two weeks, by which time my wife’s birthday had long passed. They hide the words ‘ex display’ right at the bottom of the page. They ignore emails, never answer the phone, and when they do answer emails they reply with a single cursory line, completely ignoring the questions you raise. I reported this outfit to both the police and the Office of Fair Trading, as we were convinced it was a straightforward case of Internet fraud. We informed them of this, and all of a sudden they were much more keen to reply. They have now returned the money, without a word of apology. We have no intention of withdrawing our complaints to the police and the OFT. We will go out of our way to support their investigations. This bunch of cowboys deserves every bad thing that comes their way. Just a shame we can’t give them less than one star.

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