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Advanced Car Shipping Took our money, showed up late, did not ship the car, and refuse to refund us in full. Miami Florida!!. I should have been leary of this company when the 3rd or 4th result on google was from Ripoff, but I naively overlooked it. Now I’m another to have been burned by them. In the end, we paid this company $150 and our car was never shipped. Then we had to pay another towing company $100 to clean up ACS’ mess. We called “Advanced Car Shipping” because we had a car with a dead transmission and needed it shipped from Houston to Dallas. I told this company up front that the car had a dead transmission and could not drive far. They told me it was fine as long as it could drive onto the truck and they told me they would pickup the car the same day (Friday), as soon as they took my deposit of $275. After taking my deposit, I had to call or text 3 times to get a confirmation email with the scheduled pickup time. When the email finally came, they moved the pick up date to the following Monday, with no explanation. Monday came and their sub company called to say they would pick it up on Tuesday. Tuesday turned into Wednesday. Wednesday turned to Thursday. No one came to pick up the car until Saturday, more than a week later than I was told originally. When the driver showed up, he parked 1-2 blocks away from the mechanic’s garage, where the car was parked (even though he could have parked in the parking lot). He attempted to drive the car 2 blocks away to the truck and got the car stranded. The driver had no wench or tools to get on the truck, despite being told the transmission was bad. Once he got our car stuck on a random street in Houston, according to the people at the garage (I was not there), he walked in slammed our keys on their desk and walked out. The ACS’ dispatcher swore the driver parked right next to the garage (which I have pictures to disprove) and her solution was to have us call the mechanic and ask him to “fix it up” enough to get it on the truck. The problem was the car wasn’t even on the mechanic’s property because the shipping company got it stranded! If I did ask the mechanic to help, they would have had to tow it back and work on it, which would have cost us more money with no guarantee that the ACS driver would get it right the second time. We ended up having to get the car towed (at our own expense) by a completely different company because Advanced Car Shipping got it stuck. When I called to ask for a refund, they continued to claim the driver parked right by the building, but said they would give us $125 as a gesture of “good faith.” I responded that I felt we should have a full refund because this fiasco was there fault. After I sent pictures and a map verifying that the driver was not parked in front of the garage, like they claimed, the manager at ACS began ignoring my phone calls. I called 4-5 times over a period of about two weeks to see about getting the rest of our money back and only got him to pick up when I blocked my number. When I finally got ahold of him, ACS changed their tune and said that while he did park further away than what was stated initially, it was my fault for not telling them the car was fragile (I did tell them but they were too anxious to take my money to care). ACS says they will not refund the rest of our money because they dispatched the driver, which is ludicrous. They dispatched a driver a week late, who was either ill-equipped or did not know how to do the job properly. He actively made the situation worse by getting the car stranded 300 miles away from where we live and costing us even more money. Do NOT use advanced car shipping, unless you don’t care about getting your car or your money back.

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