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Monthly charge not agreed on


My Complaint: On 1 June 2015 suddenly my computer started acting strange and a message pop-up said if I called they could rid me of a multitude of pop ups that had suddenly started happening. The second time this happened I called the number provided and began a long conversation with Advanced Tech Support. Almost 3 hundred dollars later I was the proud owner of Reimage a software fix-it-all. They also took control of my computer and returned it 3-4 hours later not much better off. A Tech got on the line and after another hour fixed most of my problems. On 1 July 2015 a charge for 14.99 showed up on my credit card. This I was told was the monthly fee for my lifetime coverage. Never had heard of a monthly fee. Called Customer Support who assured me I had been told of this monthly fee. Not to my recollection I said. The more we exchanged thoughts the more insistent he became that I agreed to the charge and that was that. I told him I would like to speak to his supervisor and he told me he had no supervisor. I told him I wanted the 14.99 refunded and not to charge me again. He said that will cancel my tech support contract. I said then refund my 194.99 and call it and end. Could not do that because I was outside of 30 day warranty. Catch 22. Finally agreed to refund latest 14.99 and cancel my lifetime coverage. Haven’t seen the refund yet. These people suck on the blood of computer users that can not do their own Fix-it. I think they are low grade scammers who stay just above the radar just far enough not to attract too much attention. I would be happy to see some part of my 194.99, say 80% refunded. Then I would shut-up.


My Demand: Partial refund.

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