Advantage 20X Review


A door to door sales man trapped me outside my home while getting out of my car. He said he only wanted 60 seconds of my time, which turned into at least 20 minutes. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I desided to listen. He cleaned a number of things outside my house which kinda impressed me, so I asked him if he had anything that would clean mildew off my boat seats. He swore up and down he had just the thing. | Long story short, it didn’t do a thing while diluted, as he said it should be, so we used it straight, and scrubbed our butts off. The only thing that helped was when we also used a Mr. Clean Eraser, and I’m sure thats what did all the work. | When I tried returning the $50,00 bottle of solution I found the contact info on the website would not go through, and when tring their email, it was returned unable to deliver. When calling the phone number listed, the person who answered the phone (which sounded like a trained child) said I would have had to return the product within 3 days. | This is a shady company and a terrible product!


Name: Advantage 20X

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Tampa

Address: PO Box 48170

Phone: 813-264-1309


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