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I have worked thru G.E. to have my washer service and G.E. sent me the parts that A&E stated I needed. A&E wanted just short of $1000 for the same parts that G.E. sent for less than $200! A&E has been scheduled to install thru G.E. twice, once A&E rep arrived and just confirmed that the parts were what were needed, stated that the appointment was scheduled as the initial appointment not to install. G.E. made the 2nd appointment for installation, A&E were a no show! I called to inquire status, their reply was the service person was sick. I understand people get sick, but no one could do a courtesy call to inform me or reschedule. It was like pulling teeth to get them (A&E) to reschedule the appointment to install, a week to the day appointment. at the appointment time I called to check status, well guess what, "I’m sorry you do not have an appointment, you will have to call G.E. to schedule an appointment". The costumer service would not even let me talk to her supervisor but instead told me what her supervisor said! The whole bunch is worthless! Over charging, reliability, and costumer service! I have no ideal what their work is like as I cannot get them to do it!

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