A&E factory services hoboken New Jersey Review


I called for service on my LG dryer.. i explained that i need the exhaust to the outside inspected as I felt it was either clogged or crimped (installed in small drawer frame area) the person I spoke to made an appt for someone to come out and gave me a 3 hour window, never mentioned anything about charges the technician calls an hour or so b4 he shows up, saying he will be arriving in about an hour and asked if I knew of the service charges, which i responded no.. he explained its a $75.00 service fee and parts and labor are additional, that was fine with me.. he showed up and told me that A&E does not check the exhaust that i have to do it myself or call someone else.. he would not leave without me paying the $75.00 plus tax, but, told me to call customer service and i would get a refund.. i did ask him why they made an appt for me knowing they dont do what i called for, he responded, it happens all the time, i dont care i get paid regardless i have since been dealing with trying to get a refund for a month.. i was first told give it a couple days, than i was told they wanted to try to get the money from LG as its under warranty (this was not a warranty issue) now, i was told, no refunds on service period.. my question still remains, why would they make an appt to come out to do a repair that they don’t do?? the company is extremely incompetent.. they are inconsistent, they lie and they are one big rip off.. do yourself a favor and never call them for anything!!

945 airport road lakewood, New Jersey USA




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