Aeropostale Brampton Internet Review


I ordered some items online on on 23rd September 2012 n(Order number: 7185342769) and at check out the charges were as follows;nSubtotal = $192.86nInternational handling = $62..34 (which I felt was on the high side)nshipping = $12nTotal = $267.20 nI received confirmation of the said order via email on 23rd September 2012 from aeropostale and in it the charges were summarized as follows:nsubtotal = $192.86nshipping = $12nTax =$28.23nInexplicably the total was still given as ; $267.20 even though it should have been $233.09 nI received a shipping notification via e-mail 2 days later on 25th September 2012 and once again the charges were an exact match as that of the order confirmation expressed above. nDue to the discrepancy between the amount charged to my credit card and the billing of the order received from Aeropostale, I went to their website and read up their “FAQs””. It was there that I read with regards to tax and duties in Canada

quote ;””Please note: The Estimated Tax amount displayed during checkout is an estimate of the duties and taxes applicable to your order. This amount may vary slightly from the actual amount of taxes and duties payable in connection with your order due to different tax rates which apply as a result of the origin and destination of the item(s) being purchased

as well as other factors. nThe actual amount of taxes and duties payable in connection with your order will appear in your Order Confirmation email.”” nDue to fact to the huge discrepancy ($34.11)between the amount charged at checkout and that in my order confirmation e-mail

I wrote to Aeropostale’s customer service and explained the situation asking them to refund the excess amount charged. Till date

I am yet to receive a response from them

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