Aerotek Professional Services San antonio Texas


Complaint: Ok, here it goes… Went to this agency in san antonio & met with a recruiter named joanne almaguer. She was as unprofessional as they come… The whole interview lasted 3 minutes and the 3 questions were. 1. what are your salary requirements. 2. what do you like to do. 3. what don`t you like to do. Yes folks thats it. Thats all!!! Anyway, I asked her why she looked so tired and she said she`s got a little hangover from the weekend, which would make sense since it was monday morning. Anyway again, she said i`d be a perfect fit for this one job.. Now 3 weeks later, still no call.. Oh.. Since she`s a party animal and making some good money for being unprofessional, here`s her myspace page.. It really does reveal her true side….. I think everyone should email her and tell her how good she looks in the bars and clubs and such… Way to go aerotek!!!

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Address: 10010 San Pedro Avenue San Antonio, Texas United States of America


Phone: (210) 321-1150

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