AF Tactical Complaint

A and the Armed Forces Tactical. LLC is a scam. The two criminals located in an office building on 35th street in NYC –steal your credit card information. They started this business by stealing intellectual information from another company, Anthony Estevez is a well known hacker in Manhattan that has been doing this for years. Together with Jayson Sanchez, they stole and hacked into another company’s information, took all their HTML codes and started this online catalog to steal service members information. DO NOT GO INTO THIS SITE OR YOU WILL BE HACKED!!! They have devised a sweet system to get you to the web site, deposit malware in your computer and then remotely steal all your information and sell it to the Nigerian black market. BEWARE OF THIS WEB SITE!!! If you think this is a lie, call the vendors that they say they sell for, for an example call PROPPER and see if they can buy from that company, or call any of the other so-called companies they carry. Sometimes, something that looks this good is a SCAM, FRAUD!!! If you live in NYC, call the NYPD COMPUTER CRIMES UNIT unit and tell them about this website. They already have numerous complaints and AFTACTICAL.COM is already under investigation. If you do not live in NYC, write the NYS Attorney Generals office and tell them how you have been ripped off. is for the NYS Attorney General’s Office. is for the NYPD Computer Crimes Unit. Let’s get these ### off the internet and stop the hacking and breaching of people’s security and personal information!!!

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