Affordable Copier Service Review


I called Afforadable copier to get my HP 500 design jet worked on. It had a 22:10 code. While on the phone I asked about service call pricing, and let him know I had paid 100-150 in the past, he said that was about right. When he arrived, he has a worker with him who did all the work. Thomas and his worker left with my ink well and retuirned with it clean,…The ink well motor was bad, and Thomas the repairman told me it would be 200-300 dollars for the part.,…I looked it up on line on the spot,…$7.00. The bill for his “service call” that did not fix my HP 500 design jet, was $290.00 plus $95.00 for the time at the site. total $485.00. I was a bit miffed, and we worked out that it would just be the $290.00 and he would be back to put the part in and finish the job. I have had the part for over a week. Thomas has failed to return my calls, and he cashed the check I asked him to hold until services were complete,…This man is not a professional, he is predatory. .

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