I used to be a state employee in Wisconsin. I was forced to pay union dues to Afscme. They did absolutely nothing but take money out of my check | each month. | I was almost laid off by Jim Doyle, the previous governor in Wisconsin. All Afscme did was give me the run around, lie to me, and refuse to help me. | It does need to be noted that when Jim Doyle first became governor I was prevented from voting in Blooming Grove, a town in Dane County. | Anyway I did get employment in Florida. Afscme kept sending me mailings. I sent them an e-mal asking them to take me off their mailing list. | It was totally ignored. Now in 2018, Afscme is still bothering me. Once again I asked them to leave me alone. I did file a complaint with the | Consumer Protection Agency in Wisconsin. Afscme has not responded to my complaint, which is not surprising. They once again tried to get | me to pay money to them for no service. All they do is scam people and show disrespect to any person who is female. Unions are fine, but | Afscme does nothing but take money from people and provide no service. They are low level, incompetent, dishonest reprobates.



Country: United States

State: District Of Columbia

City: Washington

Address: 1625 L Street, N.W.

Phone: 202-429-1000


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