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While walking to Bally’s from Paris Hotel there is a cosmetic shop that always has a sales person on the sidewalk and trying to get you to come in. After several years of seeing them…I had some time so…what the heck. They used an eye product that tightened the skin and helped with the dark circles…I purchased 4 products….$600. | They wanted to do a makeover on my face/neck and I made an appointment for the next day. Again, impressive immediate results. I purchased more. I refused to pay what they were asking…and please check out their website | Here is the rip….they have a 10 day return policy….they shipped everything to my home and by the time I received it…too late because I paid for it in Vegas 12 days earlier. | Very pushy sales reps and the more you resist the lower the price goes along with giving you “FREE” items. I was religious in using the product for 45 days. Saw no difference for the better in my skin. I actually did not think my skin improved. I went back to using my Strivectin regime and in 2 weeks… less wrinkles, softer texture and more lifting in the eye and mouth area. | Don’t fall for it ladies. Then I thought I could try to sell the NEW products that they gave me on e-Bay…Ha, cant give it away even selling it at 75% off. I just received a letter from Agora telling me to cease putting it on e-Bay because I do not have permission to sell. | I don’t want to fight with them about it. But I will be very vocal on Facebook, Twitter and internet. | Agora Products are a total rip off for the money spent. Don’t do it ladies.

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