I have been working with the AICPCU organization based in Malvern, PA. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. The incident began in early January (1-4-05) and has continued up to the present. See details below. I am looking to obtain the CPCU insurance designation. I asked for two waivers, one for CPCU 540 and one for CPCU 560. The waiver for CPCU 560 was granted since I have an FLMI designation from LOMA. The waiver for CPCU 540 was not granted, and the story is quite long. I had requested the waiver for CPCU 540 since I have my masters and specialist certification in Education Administration. Per CPCU’s guidelines, a waiver for CPCU 540 will be granted if you have an MBA or equivalent degree from an accredited institution. Here’s a brief synopsis of the string of events leading up to the final memo, as well as my observations: I received a letter dated December 29, 2004 indicating the CPCU 540 waiver could not be approved. They indicated the focus of CPCU 540 was in accounting, finance and other quantitative business subjects, and that my courses did not have sufficient concentration to qualify. I initially sent in this request when I talked to a colleague of mine. She received a waiver for CPCU 540 and did not have an MBA. In fact, she had no master’s degree course in finance. I sent e-mail correspondence to CPCU on January 4th to appeal this decision. I noted that I had sufficient concentration in the topics of CPCU 540, and noted both my studies in FLMI and Education Administration. I also noted that my Education Administration studies qualified me to be a school superintendent, the CEO of the school. On January 6th, CPCU’s vice-president of examinations replied indicating their decision stood. Per Donald Oakes, “”With regard to your studies in education administration, in making waiver decisions, the Institutes do not take into consideration courses, degrees, and certifications other than those contained in our published guidelines.”” Their published guidelines indicate an MBA or similar degree from an accredited institution. If you look at the timelines of the e-mails I have, this was reviewed in about a 24-hour period.

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