AIG Warranties Review


I believe the repair people they come out to fix the appliance only gets paid if they side with AIG. We have had the same parts put into the frig 3 to 4 times and yet they will not give us a new refrigerator. They are a rip off company. Do not buy their warranty from Whirlpool. Will never buy an appliance that has AIG as their warranty company. Beware!!!! | Refrigerator purchased and after 3 months, the refrigerator would not freeze food. I lost massive amount of food in frig. They kept replacing different parts each time they came to fix it as to not have the same problem 3 times in a row. That is what the warranty covers. | Once we got down to repairing something twice, the next technician came out and repair something different. Again, wouldn’t work. I feel the repair people they hire only go along with what AIG tells them to. This is just a horrible company! | Now we are stuck with the lemon and will have to just purchase a new frig ourselves. I will never buy whirlpool or any brand associated with AIG again.

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