Aimee Ehrenpreis – Carmel, California California


To all my fellow sisters out there, please be aware of this woman, and keep her away from your men. I knew I had a bad feeling about Aimee Ehrenpreis from the very start. Then, as I came to find out (about a year later) my suspicions were correct. Over the course of about a year, she flirted mercilessly with my husband, sent him nude and revealing photos of herself and made it her mission to try to steal him away from his wife and 3 children. Aimee Ehrenpreis is a dancer, harlot and a HOMEWRECKER. She also aspires to work in the entertainment field, but to date has had no success. She shows no respect for the institution of marriage and feels no remorse for trying to break up families. She tends to pray on older men (she’s in her late 20’s) who are already in relationships. Her self-esteem is so low, that she pathetically finds her self worth in the attention of men, particularly men who are already in relationships. Currently Aimee Ehrenpreis hunts for other people’s husbands in the Austin area, but she may have ties to the Denver area as well. Originally she is from Carmel (Monterey), CA and still has connections there too. Aimee Ehrenpreis can often be found prowling the ballroom dance/swing dance scene in many different cities. She is a wealthy little trust-fund kid with the means to travel. While she does not have much education, she may also be working in the real estate field, if she works at all. If you encounter Aimee Ehrenpreis, please BE AWARE. She is “bubbly”, flirty and very ditsy. She likes to play the “dumb and innocent” role in order to attract her victims. She is of average height, has a lanky shapeless build and has long dark brown hair. She also tends to wear obscene amounts of makeup. Aimee Ehrenpreis will stop at nothing to win the attention of your boyfriends and husbands, all for her own sick and twisted personal gain. If you are unfortunate enough to cross paths with her, keep you man close. Monitor all of their conversations and NEVER let them be alone together. It’s best to tell her that you are aware of her and that you will not tolerate her poor character and lack of moral conscious.

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