Air Around The Clock Florida Review


I have used this company since around 2006. It has seriously gone down hill. Itu2019s been over a month now and I am still waiting for them to replace the aluminum air filter that they took, without permission, from my home. I am also now stuck with an oversized a/c unit for my exterior and my interior (bigger is NOT always better). For my exterior this means I have this monstrosity sitting on my patio with additional concrete poured over my existing concrete slab, as an eyesore and for my interior this means Iu2019ve lost a closet and can no longer open or close the doors. Did I mention how they took my aluminum air filter?! Iu2019ll deal with the monstrosity unit, but Iu2019m pissed that something of mine was taken out of my house without my permission and they have yet to respond to me. To date, still no response from the company after multiple phone calls and even a Better Business Bureau complaint. Looks like Iu2019ll also be writing reviews on a FB Fan Page I run with over 35,000 followers along with another 10,000 followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkin, Twitter, Yelp, Angieu2019s List, Manta, Ripoff Scams, and any other Social Media site I can find.

11840 NW 41st St Coral Springs, Florida USA


Cooling & Ventilation, Heating

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