Air Just Store SW Oregon Oregon Review


The Air Just Store has a impressive well thought out web sight. They sale Major appliances at a “too good to be true”” price. The store in located in China. They state on the webpage that you can pay via credit card or PayPal. When you go to pay for your items a statement appears “”New customers can only pay by Western Union or Wire Transfer””On their web page they state that they have 24/7 customer service but list no phone numbers only a email address. Each of the three emails I sent were answered more then 24 hours later. They also have a link to real time online help which does not link up with anyone. Once you place an order you are sent an email with a link to western union to finalize your payment along with a name and address (China) of where to send your money.Within the email is a customer service phone number Tel:(716) 222-0385. Which is a Buffalo

NY area code not China. My order (I did not finalize) included a Maytag oven/microwave combo and a Maytag cook top all for under $375 including $40 FedEx shipping from China. Items will arrive within 5-7 days at my doorstep. Retail in the US would have been over $3000. Keywords: Air Just Store

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