Air Wind & Solar LLC Review


3/4/2014 Paperwork | Large deposit Made for Instilation of a Home Solar system with Structure | Oncor Host Agrrment signed3/4/2014 | TXU Power Purchase Program signed 6/17/2014 | Many phone calls with Andrew and Paul It does not work Visit by Andrew to house implied it is not working. | Visit to offiice in Stephenville spoke with Paul No results | February 15 2016 Letter wanting me to make double payments financed by AWS until current I responded that that payment for any debt could be consisered once the equipment worked. | Phone calls November 2017 wanting payment. I REMINDED HER IT DOES NOT WORK, IT HAS NEVER WORKED.


Name: Air Wind & Solar LLC

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Stephenville


Phone: 254-965-2570


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