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We contacted this company to install a ground mount solar system.This was our experience.April 17th 2018 u2018 Signed contract & paid deposit of $15kMay 27th 2018 u2018 After numerous unanswered calls & emails we received a bill from Taylor Graff of Air Wind & Solar. When we responded that the first monthu2019s bill was supposed to come after installation & nothing has been installed our salesman, Andrew Brannock, called. He said the city was considering it a structure. We advised Andrew that we have pulled special use permits in the past for structures. June 9th 2018 – We met with Clayton Comstock, Senior Planner for the City of North Richland Hills. He gave Andrew the information to apply for a special use permit.July 24th 2018 u2018 Paul Graff, COO of Air Wind & Solar, called us & advised that he could move the solar panels to a different location that the city would approve. He also said he could enclose the solar panels due to the fact that we would have to remove a loafing shed in that location. I agreed as long as it would be enclosed.July 27th 2018 – We responded to an email from our salesman, Andrew Brannock, regarding the new structure. We asked to verify the pitch, height & enclosing the sides. Andrew responded with the pitch & the height. He said he would check with Paul on enclosing the sides.August 14th 2018 – After more unreturned phone calls & emails we sent an email requesting a read receipt to everyone in the company that we had an email for.August 20th 2018 u2018 Paul called saying he u201ccouldu201d enclose it not that he u201cwouldu201dI told him again I was not changing the location if it was not enclosed.August 21th 2018 u2018 Planning & Zoning meeting at 7pm.We were there. No representation from Air Wind & Solar so the city denied the permit.So we have no solar panels but Air Wind & Solar say we have forfeited our deposit.

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