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Bought what was advertised as a FIRM mattress by Aireloom of Beverly Hills, a Rip Van Winkle in late Aug. 2009. Haynes furniture had a huge sign in front of the mattress, a queen size dislay model with box springs, saying it was FIRM. Laid on it for a couple of visits. Becuase o the history of having been used in the White House, I thought that it would be a great mattress and the warranty was longer than most any i had eard of as well as being a hand made mattress. Within year I was going for physical therapy for my back as it had become worse from sleeping on this FIRM mattress. Something has got to be done abou this mattress either by the store, Haynes, or Aireloom. $$2800 is a lot of money in this day and age. Stay away from Aireloom and Haynes. I hate to say it but read all the posts on here and the internet about these mattresses. BUYER BEWARE.

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