I received a voice mail message from “Dave”, who seemed to not only be reading a script, but that his name was also on the script. He quickly said he was calling from, which was barely audible. The rest went along these lines: “and you had a plane ticket, this matter is about your card, if you are a cardholder, there’s a very small payment to be charged your account, which is $2-5. If you would call us back and supply that to me. Thank you very much. Goodbye.” Now, I had not bought a ticket since summer 2012, but I had quite recently done research on airfares with different airlines. So I immediately knew this was a scam. I have no idea how got my phone , but I think it has something to do with the research I was conducting. I then looked up the phone with the word “scam” and indeed, there were other reports. .

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