Airflow Appliance Repair Review


Received estimate to repair clothes washer for $244.07. Parts installed. Washer still broken. Company says it will take another $250 to repair. Decline additional work and asked that they retrieve their parts from washer which did not fix the problem. Contacted main office and asked to speak with owner. Never received a call back. Called again and asked to speak with office manager. Never received a call back. Called a third time because repairman said it was out of his hands. Never received a call back to resolve the issue. I later found out manager is Danny Zusman. If I had know what the real problems were and received an accurate estimate of $500 I would have declined the repair and bought a new washer for $435. Airflow used an old technique of fixing the wrong problem then saying it will cost more to repair the real problem knowing full well it would be cheaper to buy new.

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