AJ Madison Complaint


Any suggestions where I go from here… I bought and paid for this refrigerator through my Visa credit card. See below. Re: refrigerator. Delivered on Aug. 27 by Yellow Freight it was on a pallet and wrapped with shrink wrap and it sat in our garage for several days before our installer came to install the unit. It looked fine from where it sat we did not unwrap it until the installer arrived. Never thought to turn the unit upside down to see if it was damaged. When he installed it he noticed that the wheels were damaged and the door did not sit right. So the next day I called for repair through AJ Madison. The repair person came out and ordered a bunch of parts for my new refrigerator. The screws and the wheels were broke and apparently it was damaged either at the ware house or on the truck. He then came back and gerry rigged the refrigerator so it would work. Little did we know that the bottom frame was bent. About 2 months later we could not close the door as it dropped and the cool air was escaping because the door was not on right. So again I called for repair. The same repair person came out and said this was going to keep happening because the frame on the bottom of the refrigerator was totally bent. But ordered another bunch of parts. Then when the parts came in another repair person came out and said that this problem was going to be on going and that it could not be fixed only temporarily. I contacted AJ Madison and requested a new unit. We went back and forth for almost a month now and they said they cannot replace the unit because they do not know where the unit was damaged. So here we sit with a new refrigerator that needs to be fixed and the fix is only short lived. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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