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Complaint: Their driver drives erratically. My trucker husband and father of 4 feels it necessary to call it (as his life and load are in danger). My husband lets a lot slip trucks smoking brakes, jerks flipping him off after almost colliding with him, even once a trucker slammed on his brakes seconds after cutting him off but, after so many years on the road you can tell who are rookie drivers still figuring it out. This guy was not figuring it out! So we call every A&J I could find the one in Oklahoma has a truly unique way of doing things. They like to get you so made you want to smack Brendan (the jerk who hung up on me twice for asking if he had trucks in Georgia today). Texas had a sweetheart of a ladie who apologized and thanked me for my call even though her two trucks were in Washington and California. I also called at least 6 other no longer in business A&J trucking/ transport. My conclusion is that there is a guy that knows Brendan and bought a truck with their name and logo just to piss him off as much as he pissed me off today. I am sorry but, unless A&J owns up to the actions of their drivers we will no longer call the company but, instead the police. Yes this affects DOT records but, I care more about my trucker than your insurance rates or your job.

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