al lambs honda


al lambs honda Sold a GAP policy they never filed Dallas, Texas!!. On 12/31/09 I bought an 09 CBR1000. This is the second CBR1000 I’ve purchased from Al Lambs dealerships. I paid for a GAP insurance policy on the bike. In December of 2017 that bike was stolen. I made a claim on that GAP policy only to find out that the policy I paid for was never filed. For 3-4 months your dealership went back and forth with Honda Finance to determine fault. Al Lambs paid the balance from Dec as of the date of theft in May. There is a remaining balance with Honda Finance for interest and fees accrued while your dealership was in deliberation. This amount would not be outstanding if the GAP policy was filed as it should have been.I have made several calls and trips up there to resolve this. Their employees lie and make promises they never follow through on.

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