Alan Webb Mitsubishi Review


May 21, 2016 My partner and I went to Alan Webb Mitsubishi to buy a look for a good used car. We were steered in the direction of a trade that came in of a 2010 Subaru Outback. We took it for a test drive and it had a shake in it when we got up to the speed limit of 55. We were paying cash and wanted an inspection done for the shake and any other problems with the vehichle. They said that they would only do the inspection if we wanted to buy the car which we did and Promised us that they would give us our money back if they found any issues with the car..a right of refusal they said. This was on a Saturday and by Monday the check had cleared the bank. | We left the car for them to do the inspection and fix the shake and I called on Monday to make sure this had been done which they said it had and the car was ready to go. We got there Monday around 7pm to pick up the car and noticed there wasn’t any coolant in the resevoir and asked at this point if an inspection had been done. They informed me that they couldn’t duplicate the shake and the inspection was really just a “safety” inspection. I told them I wasn’t taking the car unless it had coolant in it which he brought me a bottle of it and made me pour it myself!!! We let them know that we were unhappy and didnt want the car which we got no reply. With our check already cashed we felt we had no choice but to take the car and hope it was good. | Well the shake was horrible and being so pissed and feeling ripped off we took it to a local repair shop and they said it was out of alignment and fixed it along with a headlight that was out. It got worse after that. I was driving home from work not long after that and the car overheated! i took it to the shop again and the radiater had a leak on the seam..replaced that another $880.00. It gets car is currently sitting in the shop because the head gasket it shot! This will cost another $2500 to repair. These people are complete liars and cheats and the sales manager David is a complete liar. This has been the worst purchase of my life and that is the truth! I am disgusted that these people took advantage of us 53 yr old women and now we are out $8700 and have a non running car to boot. Please do something about these ripoff artists…PLEASE Merri M


Name: Alan Webb Mitsubishi

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Vancouver

Address: 3608A NE Auto Mall Dr

Phone: 855-285-9681


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