Alana Davis – Saint Augustine, Florida Florida


Just to let everyone know that Alana Davis from St. Augustine, Florida 34 yrs old. Who works at step up. Only goes after guys with a girlfriend or a wife. But if you confront her she gets all panicked and will threaten to call the police on you. She has even went as far as to have a baby with James Pillen. Who had a girlfriend. While she was living with Derek Shugart. Who also had a girlfriend. Once she got pregnant she convinced Derek she a growth in her stomach like a tumor. Once she started showing she had no choice but to tell the truth. Who calls there unborn child a growth. Alana Davis does. She only got pregnant because she was scared to lose the one guy she actually wanted. But he didn’t want it. Thats how Derek Shugart got her. Because James told him she would be an easy lay. And of course she was. Now fast foward a year and a few men later. Actually 17 men later and now with a daughter. She is still doing what she does best. My best friend is now pregnant with Derek Shugarts son and fears she will lose him. She is getting desperate which is really scary at the lengths she will go through to keep her side trick status. She tells them to stay with there girlfriends/wives. But still see her on the side. Watch out for her. She doesn’t care about the guys either. Only herself.

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