Albert’s Transport Inc Review


I should have cancelled when they showed up with a Sanford and Son style truck (POS). I should have been patient and gone with the next truck available. Pressured for time I took a chance. Big Mistake!!!! Huge. | This rinky dink crap company damaged my car… then they ran from any responcibility. If I could legally punch Albert in the face I would do it in a heart beat. He is a real piece of SH$%T. Never trust him with your car. | Aida lied too. Don’t trust a word she says. Lied about the schedule… not on time… late… no apologies. Very unprofessional. | Never use Albert’s Transport Inc. Liars – Losers – Don’t trust them!


Name: Albert’s Transport Inc

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Cumming

Address: 5355 Corinth Court

Phone: (815) 608-8249


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