Alden Debes Rockford Illinois


Complaint: This is the second time that aides at Debes Alma Nelson forced my mother into the bathroom when she did not want to go. I reported the abuse the first time (about 6 months ago) at the care plan meeting with my mother present a few days after it happened. The administrator was called down to hear my mother’s account of the event. My mother said an aide came in and said she was going to take my mother to the bathroom. As my mother has no colon and her lower intestines are all removed, she times her bathroom visits to accommodate her meal times so she doesn’t have to go during her meals. She told her she did not want to go quite yet and asked her to come back later. The aide got another aide from the hallway and they both grabbed her and forced her out of her bed and into the bathroom. They told her she was going NOW, whether she wanted to or not. The supposed investigation yielded the following result: The administrator called me and said there was no evidence that this happened. She said “they”” think my mother made it up. When I insisted she wouldn’t have done that the administered stuck to her story and I could not convince her otherwise. My mother is a strict practicing Catholic

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Address: and is 88 years old and concerned VERY much about her soul in the hereafter. She would NOT have lied just to get someone in trouble. I usually try to take my mom to lunch and out shopping on Sundays. This past Sunday

Website: she told my sister it happened again. I have not yet been able to go to the nursing home to ask the pertinent questions (was it the same people

Phone: I had the flu and could not take her. My sister visited her on Monday. December 17th and

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