Alex Gladden-Emery – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This slut would come to my house while I was at work to sneak to hang out with my husband while he was watching our children. She pretended to be my friend and family- she’s my husbands cousin – and she also has a baby that I helped her with. So this Whore had sex with my husband during a “poor me” cry session to my husband about how terrible her husband is. Yes he was wrong but she knew damn well what she was doing and she seduced a married man. That was the lowest of the low any woman can go. They betrayed me in every way. I also lost my job bc I got her a job at the place I worked at but when she secretly got a ride from my husband and I found out 5 minutes before her shift started with me- so I snapped and almost did something very bad so I had to walk out. I lost the ability to get my new place bc I lost my income. So I lost everything. My family. My job. My life. My trust. My hope. My faith. The ability to get out when I worked so hard to get out & provide the very best life & education for my reasons for living (children). All I want is what’s best for them and this thing was the initial cause of losing everything & destroying my entire world and my children’s lives and world. I owe her everything she’s done to me and I can’t wait to watch karma come around on her!!!

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