Alexandria Weast – Hutchinson, Kansas Kansas


This is by far the most selfish, narcissistic, insecure woman I’ve ever met in my life. This woman treated her baby daddy like trash. Used to call the cops on him at the sight of any confrontation, pretended he hit her, used him, told him to leave daily and then trash talked him for not being around their children, WHEN SHE WOULD NOT allow him to see them. Anyways, him being tired of her petty immature games, started seeking a new girlfriend. He practically jumped into my arms. He was sleeping at my house every night, sneaking into my window because I’m underage and lived with my disapproving mother at the time. He proposed to me, bought me a necklace (I eventually sold after her got arrested to help him with money). Long story short he ended up being arrested for having sex with me because he is over 18 and I’m under 18. At this point, this stupid c*** Alex showed up at my house talking MAD SHIT on Tanner. I mean, talking about how he “hit” her (this man wouldn’t hurt a fly) how he always cheated, and she HATES his guts and will never let him see his kids again. She said that she WANTED him to go to jail and then started personally attacking me. This woman is 9 years older than me, making new accounts on instagram to watch mine, and message me awful things about how I’m a w**** and I deserved a traumatic experience that I’d rather not get in to. This woman was posting me and Tanners messages on facebook, having her friends message me and threaten to beat me up. And today, her and Tanner are apparently living “happily ever after” and all she posts on instagram is about how innocent he is, and he never had sex with me. She claims I’m a liar and I am completely irrelevant in her life yet is stalking all my social media and she will be reading this later, as I will put a link in my instagram account for it. May I add, she has cheated and cheated. I’ve had many heart to hearts with one of her ex’s along with Tanner. She’s always getting dick from some meth head, surprisingly, considering I wouldn’t touch her herpes infested ass with 10 foot pole. And we all know she WILL NOT survive 7 years without her hoe activity. Stay away from her, keep your accounts on private, and hide your boyfriends and husbands.

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