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Alexis Elizabeth Wigs, Glam Goddess Wigs, Alexis Elizabeth Major What I expect with custom wig services – Professionalism, accountability, eliability, availability, honesty, quality workmanship. What I initially liked about Alexis Major – she seemed nice, professional, and responsive. The quality of her work was impressive from what I saw on Facebook and Youtube. I was willing to splurge on a custom wig b/c I wanted a wig that fit my head and matched my hairline exactly and Alexis promised this could be done. I told her I was not a hair person and wanted something I can put on and go with little fuss. Before receiving my disaster of a wig, I prematurely referred 3 of my friends to her (who are somewhat pleased with her work but will NEVERdo business with her again b/c of the service they received). Problems I had with Alexis: She advertises 7-8 weeks. Paid my deposit in March 2013, 1st wig was ready mid June. 2nd wig ready in August. Took way too long. She is a liar and is full of excuses. To avoid meeting me to pick up my wig, on several occassions she claimed she had to drive out of town for an emergency, or she was just getting back in town, or her or a family member was sick. She conveniently lies about not receiving emails even though she claims to be strictly an online business. If you are having issues with her don’t expect her to be responsive. So I wouldn’t make a mistake with my measurements, I had her (the expert) take my measurements in person for the wig. The end result was a wig that was too big, didn’t fit, no combs, no adjustable strap, and the wrong color lace for my complexion. She spent an hour trying to fit it on my head and added about 10 bobby pins to make it fit. She advised me this is what I would have to do so it will look decent. I told her if I wanted to spend an hour fussing around with a wig and adding 10 bobby pins, I wouldn’t have come to her to have a CUSTOM wig made to suit my head. In her attempt to tweek the wig so that it would fit properly, she cut so much of the lace that it became a half wig and is no longer wearable. After consulting another wig maker, it will take $350 to repair! She refuses to remake the wig and correct her mistake unless I make full payment prior to her starting on it, which is ridiculous. On top of that she refuses to meet me in person to give me the 2nd wig that I ordered and insists that I make final payment first and she will mail it to me. In any other circumstance this would be ok to me, however 1. Our relationship began in person where I have met this woman a total of 4 times face to face 2. Since the first wig was done so badly, I don’t trust her or her work and wanted to try the wig on and inspect it before making final payment. 3. I don’t trust her to mail my wig b/c she misled my friend into believing that my friends wig was lost in the mail by USPS which after researching with USPS we discovered was a lie. And the very day my friend opened up a paypal dispute, miraculously Alexis found the wig within an hour. So I don’t trust her with mailing my unit after this experience. At this point she has my $300 deposit, and $200 worth of bulk hair and refuses to return either. I have filed disputes with Paypal and my credit card company to atleast get the deposit back since it appears she will keep the wig (with $200 worth of hair that I paid for) and sell it someone else. I know she will read this a create another lie about me being rude and how I make her so uncomfortable. I was nothing but nice and showed the uptmost of professionalism to this woman for fear of her holding my wig/hair hostage. Considering the outcome, maybe I should have been gangster with her…I may have been more of a satisfied customer. Alexis Major is a liar and scam artist and I regret the day I happened across her services. Buyer beware!!! Sorry for the long review but I wanted to ensure future clients have a thorough understanding of what they will potentially experience with this wig maker.

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