Alfredo Gonzalez Review


Wow….just wow. This Alfredo Gonzalez character is unconscionable. What a repugnant man he is. My boyfriend and I rented a room in his house while still in transition. I cannot believe this man is still in business. We were consistently kept up every other night by the other disruptive and rude housemates…loud music and obnoxiously loud talking in the house almost every night. Very disrespectful and mentally unstable group of people living in the house. Further, the house itself was in extremely poor condition. Extremely dirty and filled with bugs of all sorts. I knew the day we moved in that we had made a huge mistake. Alfredo Gonzalez allowed all of this to unfold and refused to make any effort at all to rectify the situation. He also never delivered a new refrigerator as promised, nor did he fix anything broken in the room or in the house. (Which was practically everything) Alfredo had no problem, however, collecting his rent each week. | when confronted with the above-described, he became extremely belligerent and threatened immediate eviction. this was unacceptable and unwarranted aggression, further, we contacted social services, since Alfredo had been using the back area of the house literally as a dumpster. I’m not sure if the LA county ever looked into this; either way, I was disgusted and outraged by the living conditions in this house.


Name: Alfredo Gonzalez

Country: United States

State: California

City: Encino

Address: 4615 Alonzo Avenue

Phone: 818-309-5214


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