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Anytime Fitness / owner is a bully I am posting this everywhere I can because the owner of “Anytime Fitness Roper”” Mr. Ali Ghani immediately blocked my wife and I when I posted evidence of how he talks to people.My wife

who has a disability

signed up for Anytime Fitness Roper. Shortly after signing up she required a surgery that put her out of commission. The Anytime Fitness Roper manager told her that she was not allowed to cancel her account but allowed her to freeze her account. After months of inactivity a staff member asked if she would like to cancel instead

because apparently it stated in her contract that she could all along. Then

she received a phone call from Ali Ghani who is the owner of the Anytime Fitness Roper franchise. I’ve included below a link to my Google Drive account that shows how Ali Ghani bullied my wife. I’m not looking for anything by doing this

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