Ali Moos – San Antonio, Texas Texas


This little slut obviously has some sort of weirdo obsession with my life because she can’t seem to keep her dirty pussy away from the men (or should I say boys) that I chose to have in my life. First, about 5 years ago she slept with my boyfriend while I was out of town. Whatever, I was just about over him anyway. She got knocked up and stuck with him for about 2 years. Then they broke up and she started pretending to be this weirdo spiritual guru. She acts like she is super hippie or something and tries way too hard and has ugly ass tattoos of naked chicks all over her arms. She looks like a real class act. She seduced my husband with their love of music and carried on a little month long love affair, coming to visit him on his breaks at work, sending nudes, sending texts like “my clit throbs for you” etc etc etc. It was really quite pitiful. She drove almost an hour in the middle of the day to sit on a river bank with him for 30 minutes. THIRSTY. Anyway, she fucked him once. I found out the next day because he was acting weird and I went through his phone records and then downloaded an app to recover deleted texts. Then she admitted it to me. She’s a real class act and I just want to make sure everyone knows what a whore she is. I’m aware that my husband is just as much to blame, but I hate her because it’s personal since she’s done this twice. When you read this Ali, wash your pussy please, and why don’t you spend less time fucking random men (EVERYONE thinks you’re a slut. EVERYONE. All of our friends think you’re a slut. let me know if you want some screenshots of what your friends think of you) and more time with your daughter raising her with better morals than your mother did you. You take the liberal feminist bullshit to new heights and make it harder for hardworking females like me to be taken seriously. Take the married guys dicks out of your mouth and get off welfare and do something with your life whore.

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