A Fraud China Internet!!. I was referred to a motorcycle supplier by The supplier was called Yong Kang Jinyi vehicles and listed a salesman as Robbie. They had an official looking website. This individual who gave his full name as Robbie Zhang with an address of 2nd Bld No 107 Huaxia Rd Economic Developement area Zhejang, Yongkang, China 321300. He then offered a 500cc Chinese motorcycle for $1700US to be shipped from China. Claimed the company could not take credit cards and I had to send the money via Western Union and he would have an individual pick up the money from the Alibaba fiancu00e9 area. The money was sent and picked up an individual by the name of Juliet Matsika address in Beijing China. Once the money was sent I was contacted again by the same individual alleged to be Robbie Zhang and he stated that they cannot send one motorcycle that a minimum of two would have to be ordered. When I protested that we had an agreement and he had even supplied a purchase order # he claimed that after a meeting he could offer the 2nd motorcycle for $1000US and the rest could be paid when shipping was completed. The $1000 was sent via Western union and again picked up by the same person. I then hen received another email from this same person alleged to be Robbie Zhang who then stated that the motorcycles could not be sent without an additional $500 payment. Now I understood that I had been scammed. I refused payment and never heard back from this person again. A very elaborate scam. There is a website for the company Yong Kang JinYi where this individual was listed as a salesman. I sent emails directly to this company and they have not responded. It’s incredible that Alibaba is on the New York Stock Exchange and yet they let any scammer be a supplier as part of there company. I am sure I am not the only one scammed at this site. There is no real procedure set up with this multi billion dollar company for consumers to make a claim. Once you try it’s all convoluted so you don’t actually get to make a complaint.

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