Alicha Gardner – Fort Wayne, Texas Texas


Ok so me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 1/2 years when I first got with him im the only one he had ever been with so I figured he wouldnt cheat or treat me like exs I have had in the past treat me boy was I wrong. Alicha started at my boyfriends work place was there only for one day when I was with my family and my kids on easter weekend I come home to find a girls name and a number written on a piece of paper next to our bed I asked my boyfriend and he told me it was a girl his boss had asked him to text to find out why she hadnt come back to work. He told me he didnt text her so me being howIi am and my past how its been I knew that was a lie I texted the girl from my phone to come to find out they had been talking and when she found out who I was she tried being my best friend. A month went by and I still didnt trust what my boyfriend had said, all of a sudden I got a message on facebook from the girls husband telling me a roomate of theirs had told him that my boyfriend on easter morning had went over to their house and had sex with this bitch. I was pissed I confronted my boyfriend he denied it. I called the girl out she only would tell me the truth when I texted her. I got shitty with my boyfriend he finally came clean and told me he had sex with the girl. The girl then decided to get an attitude with me telling me she could fuck him again if she wanted to, keep in mind this girl has a HUSBAND AND KNEW ABOUT ME can u say whore.

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